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Teaching at LNC

Teach in Jiangsu, China
Welcome To ...........

Lianyungang Normal College 

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   I. Channels for Recruitment
Recommended by Cooperative Institutions
Recommended by Intermediary Organizations
Recommended by Faculty of LNC
Recommended by Other Universities
Recommended by Foreign Teachers of LNC
Recommended by the Candidates Themselves

II. Recruitment Requirements
Abide by the laws of China and observe the regulations of the University.
Teachers must have clear enunciation, be a holder of an undergraduate diploma or an education certificate. Experience in teaching is required and teachers must be in good health.
teaching load will range from 18 to 20 periods a week.
All people agreeing to abide by the above laws and regulations are encouraged to apply.

III. Materials needed to apply for the position
1. a letter of application

a copy of your passport's first page
a copy of your certificate of education
a copy of a reference letter from your present working contact
a curriculum vitae / resume
a certified copy of a health certificate by a Chinese Embassy in your country



Lianyungang Normal College is one of China’s foremost educational institutions. Located in the Jiangsu Province, the college is situated directly in the city’s center. The city itself is well-known as an international portside metropolis and serves as the eastern terminal of the Eurasian Continental Railway traveling as far as Rotterdam, Netherlands. Currently populated at 4.65 million and growing, the city’s most visited attraction is the Flower and Fruit Mountain renowned as the birthplace of the legendary Monkey King. Lianyungang also has a magnificent ocean view with sandy beaches and restaurants offering some of the best authentic Chinese seafood in the Jiangsu province. An added extra is the untouched Ancient city of Lianyungang where onlookers will come across captivating Chinese architecture and get a glimpse of locals going about daily life.    

Aside from the beauty and culture the city has to offer, Lianyungang Teachers College campus is set in tranquil surroundings of plants, tall trees, trimmed lawns, and a stone pavilion found at the core of the college grounds creating a comfortable learning environment for both students and teachers.  

Originally incorporated from the following three schools: The College of  Education (founded in 1978), Haizhou Normal School (founded in 1914), and Lianyungang Normal School (founded in 1984), Lianyungang Teachers College was sanctioned as a full-time institute by the State Ministry of Education in 2000.

 In accordance with current educational reform in China, Lianyungang Teachers College is actively seeking new ways to raise its level of teaching, scientific research, and management. It is striving to build itself into a progressive and dynamic college poised to meet the requirements of future education and the needs of the local economy.  

The campus library contains an impressive collection of more than 400,000 books and over 30,000 Chinese and foreign language periodicals. The college consists of 11 departments with more than 30 specialties including teaching and non-teaching education, basic and applied courses and initial and in-service teacher training.

The college currently has a total of 587 faculty members, consisting of 97 professors and 370 teacher’s assistants. The full-time student population totals over 6,000 including an additional 10,000 adult students studying in affiliated colleges. In conjunction with the college, Lianyungang also has an attached middle school, two elementary schools, a foreign language school, and ten practice teaching bases.  

Lianyungang Normal College especially places great importance in establishing both domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation. Already cooperating with over 200 domestic universities and scientific research institutions, the college has especially built a long-term cooperative relationship with New Horizon College of English in New Zealand and is in the process of establishing further relationships with institutions in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. 

 Each year the college seeks to invites five foreign teachers to assist the school as English teachers. Applications are currently being accepted.


Gender: M / F

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Major: Unspecified

Work Experience: Two year

Teacher or expert: Teacher

Age: 30-60

Nationality: English, Korean, Japanese

Language: English, Korean, Japanese

Contract duration: One year

Starting date: September 1, 2011,

Working place: On campus

Workload: 18-20 periods per week (45 minutes per period)

Monthly salary (RMB): 4500-5000

Courses to teach: Speaking, Writing

Air fare (RMB): Round trip of one year contract

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 of one year contract

Meals: Cooking utensils provided

Free Chinese course: 3 periods per week and some Chinese Kungfu courses if you are interested

Board: Free apartment on campus (one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom). 

The flat is furnished with the following facilities:

1) Free Internet Access 
2) Color TV
3) Air Conditioner
4) Heater
5) Washing Machine
6) Refrigerator
7) Microwave
8) Cooking facilities and utensils (plates, glasses, cups, pots and pans, toaster, etc.)
9) Complete set of quality furniture
10) Free electricity/water

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